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Strawberry cultivation, multiplication and maintenance

After summer and with the arrival of cooler and wetter days Strawberries are revitalized and produce their delicious fruits again… Therefore, during the autumn we can continue to harvest strawberries. It’s also time to deal with the multiplication of our plants and prepare them for the coming winter cold. Strawberries are reproduced by seeds and…
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July 7, 2019 0

What to grow in autumn?

Seeds and plantations in the fall? In cold seasons cultivating is much more relaxed, everything goes at a slower pace and there is no need to be so attentive to issues such as irrigation, which we have to be so attentive in times of heat. Next, we are going to give a few suggestions, as…
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June 9, 2019 0

How to make canned with our fruits and vegetables

Whether containerized crops (pots, planters, cultivation tables, etc …) or family garden crops in the plot. The usual thing, if everything has gone well, is that we have plenty of fruits and vegetables. These surpluses of fruits and vegetables, apart from serving to distribute and make happy family and friends, can be used to prepare…
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May 4, 2019 0